Timeline “It’s a Wrap” — DRAFT

February 2023
Draft edits for book finished – “Lives on the Line”
Gather info and begin work on website
change “Tools for Racial Justice” to “Tools for Justice” with 3 sections: “Healing Racism Toolkit”, “Journey of Healing” and “Lives on ClothesLine”
1st book chapters finalized
Finalize website
start getting video tapes in useable format for website, etc.
April – May
Completed book — finalize posting on website
Begin podcast initial script work (using book, interviews, discussion, etc.)
possible topics, question/answers,
Start contacting Lines (beginning in New England) and art installations about violence against people of color : Red Dress, Shoe project, etc.
where are they at today?
would they be be willing to be interviewed for podcast/filmed?
refer them to website, tell them about Book, Dragon Panel Project
tell then about major event – “It’s a Wrap”
would they be interested?
like to be on organizing and/or Steering committee/s? (Prioritizing women of color)
June-August (due to shop demands)
Start writing addendum chapters
Start podcast
Start contacting other area CLP and other violence against women art projects with above questions
Visit one or two New England interested lines with Dragon
Start actual organizing for event — regional or national?
possibly for SPRING or FALL 2024